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Lifting and Leveling of Concrete Slabs

NPC Concrete Contractor specializes in cutting-edge concrete restoration and is completely insured and licensed.

For many years, we’ve dealt with concrete in the unique environment of South Florida. We give our clients with cost-effective, trustworthy, and long-lasting concrete restoration solutions using creative, environmentally friendly methods.

NPC Concrete Contractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you with all of your concrete slab lifting and leveling needs. We provide concrete slab repair and concrete lifting services for uneven, crumbled, or cracked concrete slabs.

Mudjacking is a technique used by our concrete experts to level and lift concrete. Our professionals inject a high-density structural polymer into the base soils surrounding the damaged concrete foundation, slab, or panel using metal rods. Once applied, the polymer extends through all voids and into the soil. This has the effect of filling gaps, driving moisture out, stabilizing soils, reducing settlement, sealing fractures, joining misaligned joints, and improving soil weight-bearing capacity.

The concrete slab jacking method is also used by our crew. This method is a cost-effective and time-saving option to replacing your concrete, often costing less than half as much.

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Lifting and leveling of driveways

If your driveway has uneven concrete or sunken concrete surfaces, you have additional options besides tearing it out and replacing it. NPC Concrete Contractor can level and raise your driveway at a moderate cost with minimal disruption.

Our concrete raising and leveling solution elevates and stabilizes residential and commercial concrete slabs without the need for excavation. The remedy is mud jacking or slab jacking. Once injected, the solution strives to fill holes in the same way that water finds the path of least resistance. Within minutes, the solution reacts and begins to expand across the soil’s cavities and weak spots. The procedure is straightforward and straightforward, allowing you to repair your driveway fast and economically.

Lifting and Leveling of Sidewalks

Inconsistent sidewalks? NPC Concrete Contractor can assist you.

Excessive step heights and tripping hazards caused by uneven sidewalks are typically discovered during annual industrial and domestic property inspections while you’re seeking to sell your home. Sunk, settling sidewalks can cause a variety of problems, including local building code violations, necessitating immediate concrete elevating and leveling to avoid costly property repairs and lawsuits.

We are a concrete sidewalk and walkway support, raising, leveling (filling voids), and lifting company situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Many of our concrete repair tasks are completed in a matter of hours, allowing you to get back on your sidewalk or path as quickly as possible. Contact us for a free quote and to schedule a property inspection.

It appears as if a concrete slab has sunk into the ground when it sinks into the ground. The sunken location might be a dangerous tripping hazard due to the uneven slabs.

Because sunken concrete might be confused for other types of concrete damage, it’s critical to understand the differences.

If your concrete slabs have extensive fractures, pitting, or flaking, you may need to utilize a different sort of repair that PolyLevel or mudjacking can’t fix.

Grouting Under Pressure

What exactly is PolyLevel

PolyLevel is a highly successful method for leveling sunken concrete. Polyurethane foam is injected into the earth where the concrete has sunk. As the foam is pumped into the ground, it expands, filling any gaps in the underlying soil and repositioning the concrete.

It hardens and cures after it has dried, providing long-term support for your concrete as well as a safe, level surface.

What is the definition of mudjacking

Traditional mudjacking is a concrete lifting technique. It’s a process that involves pouring natural slurry into the ground to reposition sunken concrete.

Mudjacking, also known as pressure grouting or slab jacking, is a method of raising sunken sidewalks, driveways, or patios.

PolyLevel and Mudjacking are two different types of mudjacking.

It’s vital to research soils and nearby structures in order to choose the proper grout viscosity, kind of grout, and void filling capabilities. This is a highly complex procedure that typically demands an engineering study and design, as well as the necessary equipment and the expertise of a specialist contractor.

At NPC Concrete Contractor, we believe in providing pressure grouting services that will improve the safety and appearance of your concrete structures. We’ve done a number of restoration projects across the city, ranging from concrete stabilization to large concrete structure repairs.

Repairing Rebar Spalling

Due to its long-lasting sturdiness and ability to take a significant amount of weight and pressure, reinforced steel (rebar) has long been used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Unfortunately, if proper building procedures are not followed, rebar can go wrong, putting the structural integrity of the structure it was built to support in jeopardy. When problems are addressed early on, they are less likely to become more serious and perhaps dangerous.

Our certified contractors will utilize this procedure with the proper rebar equipment to avoid causing the structure to be misaligned and insecure. Please contact us if you’d like a free rebar evaluation and repair estimate.

Repairing Expansion Joints

While expansion joints are needed, they can cause problems for some flooring, particularly in high-traffic areas. Expansion joints that have been damaged are a tripping hazard as well as a source of forklift truck damage. And if you don’t take care of a problem immediately away, it will only get worse.

Contact us right now to find out how we can solve your expansion joint problems with minimal downtime. We provide a professional expansion joint repair service that returns your floor to its original level and allows you to return to work safely.

Please contact us for a free expansion joint repair estimate.

Concrete Repairs for Structural Purposes

The damp and salty climate compromises the structural integrity of the building components. As a result, spalling manifests as new fractures and rebar bleeding on columns, beams, and balconies.

NPC Concrete Contractor has a solid reputation for spotting damaged structures and providing the highest-quality structural design repair services available.

We also provide our clients with structural design, specifications, and a bid package. It entails the restoration and reinforcement of degraded infrastructure. We’ve worked with rebar-reinforced concrete slabs, concrete columns and beams, concrete cement mix, post-tensioning, and more.


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