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Installation and Repair of Concrete Sidewalks

NPC Concrete Contractor can replace the curb at the front of your property, make a concrete ramp for your business, install a new sidewalk, and build concrete stairs, among other things.

We are pleased to offer the highest quality concrete services, as well as competitive pricing and free estimates. Our work is of the highest quality, and we always stand by it.

We’re guessing you don’t think much about your concrete walkway.  When jogging or walking your pet, you almost certainly use your ground. There, your kids love riding bikes and scooters and racing. It’s always there when you need it, which is about all you can expect for these days from a sidewalk. Unless it is harmed, that is. NPC Concrete Contractor is here to assist you.

For your home or business, our builders can build a new concrete walkway. The alternatives are virtually endless when it comes to enlarging the sidewalk in front of your house or developing new walking paths for potential clients.

Is your pathway in poor condition? Cracks, chips, and an uneven level line of surfaces are more than just ugly; they can be deadly.

Every day, your neighbors or customers walk down your sidewalk, and a deteriorated sidewalk can be a trip hazard. NPC Concrete Contractor can resurface your sidewalk quickly and affordably.

Curbing in concrete

Curbing is a continuous slab of concrete that is put on the ground. Concrete curb products have several advantages, including appealing patterns, a tidy appearance, a variety of colors and design options, a continuous root barrier, and more.

Making Concrete Gutters and Installing a Concrete Curb

Curbs and gutters are frequently built together. They necessitate a large number of wooden boards as well as certain exact skills.

The processes for constructing concrete curbs and gutters are nearly equivalent to those for constructing concrete streets and highways in terms of efficiency and cost. Subgrade preparation for constant support, precise alignment of forms or slipform equipment, correct formwork, durable concrete placing and consolidation, crack control, finishing and texturing, curing, and protecting until ready for traffic loads are all included.

Our professionals cover the wooden form boards with cooking oil to prevent concrete from adhering to them. To finish the curb form, we place a board on top of the gutter at the height of the back curb form before pouring the concrete mix into the form boards.

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Ramps made of concrete

Assume that a concrete ramp will be required. You’ve calculated the distance to your ADA Compliant Entry and determined that, in order to comply with the ADA, you’ll need to install an ADA-compliant concrete ramp.

The worst thing you can do right now is try to persuade your builder to operate against the ADA because building an accessible concrete ramp is a hard task.

A ramp does, in fact, cost money to build. Everything has an effect. You should take our advice seriously if you have a concrete contractor who is as educated about the ADA and local building requirements as NPC Concrete Contractor is.

Many individuals believe that structures built before 1990 are exempt from the ADA’s federal requirements. This isn’t correct.

All building owners must remove any barriers to accessibility for people with impairments. If the entrance to your local building office does not have wheelchair-accessible ramps, it is not ADA-compliant.

When it comes to creating a wheelchair ramp, there are certain extremely precise guidelines to follow. Using any old ramp at any random angle and slope will not suffice.

The angle and slope of a concrete ramp must meet the ADA and disability act’s rigorous standards (e.g., standard dimensions, crutch stop to prevent wheels from moving, specified configuration, horizontal length, vertical height, weight, form, the correct measure of space, etc.).

Stairs made of concrete

NPC Concrete Contractor is the contractor to call if you want to build concrete steps that will withstand the test of time.

We are pleased to offer long-lasting concrete stairs for your home or commercial property as a recognized concrete contractor in Fort Lauderdale.

Our concrete steps repair solution can save you a lot of money when it comes to removing and replacing your concrete step.

To improve the aesthetic and value of your house, we take a cost-effective method.

We also provide same-day delivery options.

We’ll start building your concrete stairs as soon as you receive your free estimate. The majority of the restoration work, from mixing and pouring concrete to leveling the steps, takes a whole day.

We convert sinking concrete steps into safe, stable concrete stairs that may be walked on immediately once the construction job is completed.

Professionals should construct the most appropriate designs for interior or outdoor concrete staircases.

NPC Concrete Contractor has a limitless amount of ideas when it comes to creating distinctive architectural and structural designs.

We listen to your needs, consider the available space, and develop the most unique and durable concrete stair designs for both inside and exterior applications.

As a result, turn to NPC Concrete Contractor for a high-quality concrete job at a reasonable price.

Concrete Steps

Concrete stair replacement is a time-consuming and complicated process that involves numerous factors.

While minor concrete step repairs are quite straightforward, more extensive work will almost probably demand the services of a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

We’re committed to the upkeep of your property and guarantee our work with our team of competent, knowledgeable, and experienced contractors.

We understand what it takes to meet and surpass your expectations, and we’ll do so with competitive pricing, cutting-edge tools and equipment, high-quality work, and a commitment to keeping your standards.

Choose NPC Concrete Contractor for one-of-a-kind and long-lasting concrete stairs. Request a free quote by filling out our inquiry form.


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